• Darren Roberts

Cancer chat on Sky News.

I managed to pull in a massive favour at work and secure a spot on the news. This was back in 2018 when I was surviving the kidney surgery and I was in the clear - my gosh how things have changed.  

Looking back is hard. I have run every life scenario in my mind - things I have done or could have done better.  Should I have eaten that? Perhaps I shouldn't have done that - instead this? Maybe if I had not done that? I have driven myself nuts running over so many decisions, choices, but the facts are that no matter what I would have or could have done I managed to get some pretty nasty cancers and the fucker came back -hard!

Going on the news gave me a great opportunity to talk about my favourite subject - me! It also allowed me to articulate what happened to me, what to look out for and sadly how easy it is to mis-diagnose but the most important message of all is to get yourself checked.

So my first experience behind the camera went as smoothly as I could have wished for.  Bit disappointed at the lack of groupies wanting a pic and signature when my six minutes of fame was over though.

Thank you Sky News for the opportunity.

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